How do I care for my new gi?

Published Sunday, February 3, 2013

To ensure that all Satori Karate gis fit comfortably they must be washed and shrunk prior to training even for the first time.
 To achieve the maximum shrinkage in the shortest period  of time we recommend that you wash and dry you’re your  new gi at least four times.

Following that you may choose to hang the gi to air dry (always use liquid fabric softener with this option) or use a  dryer for a softer feel.  If you choose to use a dryer always  select a low heat or tumble option versus a high heat  setting. We also recommend removing the gi immediately  after the cycle has finished to reduce excess wrinkling.

Washing and drying instructions differ for white or black  cotton.  To reduce the occurrence of white marks also  known as marbling on black gis we recommend that they  be turned inside out prior to washing in cold water and  hung to dry.

These care instructions are easy to follow and are enclosed  with every 12 or 15 oz standard or Custom fit heavyweight gis.
 To ensure the longevity of your new gi you may also wish to  occasionally turn your gi inside out when washing and  drying to prevent folds and thus wear from occurring in the  same areas.

 Always wash and properly dry your gi after a heavy training  session.  This will reduce the likelihood of stains from  setting in around the collar or armpits.

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