Custom Made

Custom Belts

Since 2006 we have been offering:
Custom Made To Measure Embroidered Black Belts 

  • Are made here in Canada using a heavy cotton core webbing 1 ¾ “width
  • They are available in Cotton or silk. 
  • They can be made to the length of your choice.
  • They can be personalized with embroidery at both ends, in your choice of colours, font, or translation. 
  • Embroidery is applied prior to belt assembly.  This provides the cleanest finish as there are no stitches visible from the back side of the belt.

If you choose to have a Style or Federation Kanji embroidered onto you belt and have this in print format you can scan and send by e-mail to ensure duplication.

If you wish to have your name embroidered onto your belt you can choose from several options:

  • Name can be translated to Katakana (Japanese characters used for Non-Japanese names)
  • Name can be embroidered in Script font (runs horizontally on belt, read sideways)
  • Name can also be embroidered in Block letters (runs vertically, reads from top down)

When translating name to Katakana we always double check translations to ensure accuracy.  If your name has already been translated and you have in Print format it can be scanned and sent by e-mail.

We are now also offering:
Custom Made To Measure Embroidered Checker Belts 

They are made using the same quality heavy webbing used in Custom belts, to the length of your choice, and can also be personalized with embroidery.

Retail Price List

Custom black cotton belt – sizes 3 to 7 - $95.00 CDN

Custom black silk belt – sizes 3 to 7 - $100.00 CDN

Custom Master Checker belts – size 3 to 7  - $115.00 CDN

(Available in Red and White checker combination or Red and Black checker blend)

(Fabrics used are Poly cotton blends to prevent colour run off if washed or soaked)

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