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Neck : 
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(Measured at the fullest part of Pectorals)
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(Measured at the fullest part of Abdominals)
Waist : 
(Measured where waistband of pants sits)
Hips : 
(Measured at the fullest part of buttocks)


Sleeve to Sleeve length : 

(Measured with arms down at the sides)

(Start at the point where sleeve hem would end, go up the arm, across the shoulder blades at the back, and down the other arm to the desired finished sleeve hem).


Jacket length : 

(Measured from the top of the shoulder, next to the neck, and down the front to the desired hem length, at crotch level for NORTH AMERICAN FIT, or 2 to 3” below crotch level for TRADITIONAL STYLE).


Torso length : 

(Measured from the top of the shoulder, next to the neck and down the front, to the waist, where belt usually sits).


Pant length Out Seam : 

(Measured from the waist, down the side of the leg to the desired finished pant length).


Fabric selected: 12 or 15 oz, white or black : 


Style selected: North American or Traditional : 

North American style gis feature: Hip length jacket, Ankle length pants and 3/4 length sleeves.
Traditional style gis feature: Longer jacket ending 2 to 3” below the buttocks, length pants ending at mid-calf, and length sleeves ending at mid fore arm.

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